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Celebrating Steve McQueen
and the film Tom Horn

“Tom Horn” is a classic western film about a legendary ex-army scout hired by ranchers to eliminate cattle rustlers.  The film starred the iconic Steve McQueen and was filmed at the Mescal Movie Set.  It was the last western  McQueen made.  Please join us on March 25 to celebrate the film and the actor, Steve McQueen.  Historical Tours will highlight on set locations of famous scenes from the movie.  Guests will also receive a commemorative poster. 

PLUS -- You guests will be able to "Meet and Greet" two cast members from “Tom Horn”

Jack Wester -- Played the deputy sheriff in Tom Horn’s escape scene.

Cliff Owens -- Played the young messenger boy in the cattle auction scene.

Saturday, March. 25th
Historical Tours/Meet & Greet run on the hour -- 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 1:00 & 2:00
$20/ticket. (Includes the Tour and Meet & Greet)  Kids 10 and under free! 
Event proceeds support the renovation of the Mescal Movie Set and an educational class trip for St David Middle School. 

NO FIREARMS.  Feel free to dress in western period clothing for your tour but we cannot allow firearms on set.
NO PETS.  Except for service animals or approved support animals for persons with disabilities.  

Livestock, desert visitors, and gunfire (blanks) can harm or distress pets.

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