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FAQ's -- Historical Film Tours


Are you open every day?

No. We are an active film set and schedule tours on Fridays and Saturdays between film projects. Please check our online tour schedule before  making a reservation and visiting.


Do I need a tour reservation to visit the set?

Tour reservations are highly recommended. The size of tour groups is controlled. We cannot guarantee walkups will be able to get on a tour.


Can I wander around the set on my own? 

No. Many areas of the set are being renovated and are currently unavailable.


How long do the tours last?

The walking tour lasts about 60 - 75 minutes. 


Can I bring a firearm or non-firing weapon on set?

No. As an active film set, we must restrict all firearms, ammunition, and non-firing weapons.


Can I smoke or vape on set?

No, smoking is not permitted. Guests may only smoke inside their vehicles in the parking lot.


Are restrooms available?

Yes, we have handicapped-accessible port-a-johns and a hand wash station.


Can I bring water or other soft drinks on the tour?

Yes. We encourage guests to bring water on their tours. Water and soft drinks are available for sale. No alcohol is permitted.


Can I bring my dog or pet on tour?

No. Dogs and pets are not permitted on set, except registered service dogs. 


How should I dress for a tour?

Dress accordingly for your safety and comfort for our 4200-foot elevation. Hats and sunscreen are recommended. Do not wear sandals or open-toe shoes.


Can I take photographs on my tour?

Yes, photographs of the set and our volunteers are permitted for personal use. However, commercial photography or film sessions require approval in advance.


Do you have handicapped parking?

Yes. We offer handicapped parking near the tour start location.


Do you accommodate guests who use a cane, walker, or wheelchair?

The one-hour walking tour is approximately 1/4 mile long on hard-packed ground with handicapped ramps into some buildings.  Not all areas may be wheelchair accessible.  Please bring your own walker or wheelchair.


Does your parking lot accommodate an RV or 5th wheel?

Yes. Our parking facilities accommodate larger vehicles.


Can I fly my drone on tour or on the set?

No. Drones are only permitted with prior approval.

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